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These project images are a compilation of the most current marine and product design work.
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The Regal 44 Sport Coupe was an update to its predicesor, the Regal 4060. This new boat was released in March of 2009 and had its first appearance at the Miami International Boat show with good reviews. The main styling of this boat was taken from the styling of the 5260 as to be made part of the same family of boats. The initial direction of the profile styling was directed by an Italian Design Firm, T4 Design, but was finalized and crystalized by the direction and guidance of the engineering team and the owner of the company. For this project I worked on dozens of profile renderings to end up with the final chosen styling profile. I developed 3D files for the new deck and all the small parts including hardtop, modified dash, wetbar, engine hatch assembly and swim platform assembly. I worked with the engineers to develop and CAD test all the moving components like the hardtop and engine hatch. I worked on the interior updates and material selections that added coherence to the entire design package of the boat. Lastly, I worked directly with the prototype team by creating prototype and tooling drawings. Link to official Regal 44 brochure.

Regal 44 coupe profile
Regal 44 coupe 3D
Regal 44 coupe 3D
Regal 44 coupe 3D
Regal 44 coupe 3D
Regal 44 coupe 3D
Regal 44 coupe 3D

The Regal 5260 Commodore was one of the first projects I worked on for Regal. The 54' yacht was almost at it's final stage of design and the prototype was nearly complete. I created 3D and 2D profile renderings to be used as promtional as well as the deck and interior layout renderings. I also worked in the design and 3D modeling of the engine hatch, a secong version of the engine hatch, design cockpit and enterior furniture as well as engeneering of moving components like the Cockpit TV actuator pictured below.
5260 photo
52 3d rend b/w
52 3d rendering
52 Profile Rendering
52 Cockpit Table
52 Engine Hatch
52 Salon
52 Stateroom

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